Hi, my name ist Stefan Sängerlaub.

I am a visual artist and storyteller based in Hamburg, working at the intersection of 3D, illustration and procedural image-making.


In my work i love to combine the playful with the painterly and the procedural, hand-drawn lines with digital volumes and abstract explorations with figurative, conceptual image-making.

I love to create visuals, animated loops, illustrations and procedural paintings.

Nadine Kolodziey is a visual artist based in Frankfurt and Berlin. She works at the intersection of digital and analog, combining materials such as plastic and pixels to create work that is hand-cut, melted, or transformed into walkable augmented reality environments. She’s interested in new challenges, deep-diving in AR and doing big-scale installations as well as projects in Japan in the future.



He has a constant curiosity for creating/exploring/iterating new visual vocabulary that he can then rephrase into his own

procedural painting


exploring the weird, unexpected, beautiful and personal

In my work i connect the playful with the painterly and the procedural, hand drawn lines with digital volumes and abstract exploration with conceptual image-making.

Procedural, abstract exploration and conceptual, storytelling image-making are two sides of his creative personality/signature.

Sometimes they overlap, sometimes they interact, sometimes they blend into one.

make a point, draw a line

set up a system that generates...then go onto a journey togethe

painting with pixels

I create visuals and motion graphics, illustrations and procedural paintings.

He loves animated loops

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Stefan Sängerlaub